Write a c program to sort a list of names in descending order

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Write a c program to sort a list of names in descending order

No matter what kind of shell script you are writing or you are looking for some information or reports many times you need to sort the output of one command or a set of line, with a combination of the sort with find command and grep in UNIX you can handle support request and report quite easily.

This tutorial contains some of the practical example of sort command for sorting data in UNIX. I thought about writing on Sort command when I was working on 10 tips to work fast in Unix and UNIX command tutorial and Example for beginners but somehow I am publishing it quite late.

Many times instead of alphabetic sorting we need numeric sorting. Just like in below example of Unix sort command if we want to sort based upon a numeric value of PID we can use sort -n along with sort -k column.

Since here PID is second column sort -nk2 will work for us. Sorting based on any column in the input. Unix sort command allows us to do this by using sort -k option. Let's see an example or Unix sort command to sort the output on any column we will use ps command output for this example and we will sort this output on column 2 PID and later on column 3 PPID unix-sort-examples unix-tutorial: Sort command in UNIX sorts the output in alphabetic order if you don't provide any options as shown in below example.Write a program to sort a list in alphabatic order using pointers.

Code for Program to sort a list in alphabatic order using pointers in C Programming Write a shell script to sort the given numbers in descending order using Bubble sort ;. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

Java program to sort a given list of names in ascending order. Tags: ascending order, Java, sort names, sorting in java.

Java program that checks whether the given string is palindrome or not. C++ programs for sorting a given numbers in ascending order using Merge sort; Java program to generate a Triangle 1 22 ;. Dec 27,  · Sorting string list in ascending order in Java is straight forward. Below code will sort string list in ascending order, Here I'm adding car company names to string list and passing it to Collections sort method.

Sorting string list in ascending and descending order in Java. Just pass it a string list to be sorted and a. 3. Now, sort this array of names using Selection sort. 4. Make a nested for loop, where the upper loop extracts each name and inner loop compares this name by the rest of the names below it.

write a c program to sort a list of names in descending order

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