Thesis manganites

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Thesis manganites

The certified thesis is available in the Institute Archives and Special Collections. It was then applied to investigate photoinduced phase transitions in semimetals and manganites. The dual-echelon single-shot instrument was developed, and noise sources, experimental artifacts, and the fundamental limits of the single-shot technique were explored.

In this thesis, advances in the single-shot technique that allow for more detailed investigation of material processes and characterization of far-from-equilibrium dynamics in a wider range of systems are discussed. Experiments and modeling of photoinduced phase transitions in two classes of systems, semimetals and manganites, are presented.

"Lattice effects in magnetoresistive La$\sb{\rm 1-x}$Sr$\sb{\rm x}$MnO$" by Despo Antoni Louca

Both systems show collective structural change under photoexcitation that ultimately results in a low-symmetry to high-symmetry phase transition.

In semimetals, the high symmetry phase relaxes after a few picoseconds, and in manganites, the higher symmetry phase persists essentially indefinitely.

A photoinduced structural phase transition in bismuth is discussed in terms of the removal of a Peierls distortion by electronic excitation. An extended two-temperature model is used to interpret and identify a photoinduced symmetric phase that exists above the damage threshold at low temperature and high excitation density.

Thesis manganites

Analogous experiments and analysis on antimony and tellurium are discussed, demonstrating the generality of this method to exploring phase transitions in Peierls-distorted systems.

The ground state and metastable photoinduced phase in LCMO are characterized by their steady-state behavior. Conventional pump-probe and single-shot experiments are interpreted in terms of an eective medium model that describes the density of charge transfer excitations in the material.

An extended two-parameter Ginzburg-Landau model with biquadratic coupling describes the ground state of the manganite phase diagram and the stability of the photoinduced metallic phase.STRUCTURAL, TRANSPORT, AND MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF A-SITE SUBSTITUTED PEROVSKITE MANGANITES Donald E.

Johnson, M.S. Department of Physics Northern Illinois University, Bogdan Dabrowski, Director A THESIS SUBMITTED TO THE GRADUATE SCHOOL IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS. A study of manganites using the magnetorefractive effect Abernethy, Paul Richard () A study of manganites using the magnetorefractive effect.

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A thesis is the main idea of an essay, report, speech, or research paper, often written as a single declarative sentence. In the perovskite manganites $\rm La\sb{1-x}Sr\sb{x}MnO\sb3,$ various transitions in the transport properties and magnetism as well as the structure can be induced by temperature, composition or pressure.

Upon application of a magnetic field the colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) effect is observed. In this thesis, a detailed investigation of the local atomic structure of this system was carried. Eduardo Filipe Vieira de Castro Correlations and Disorder in Electronic Systems: from Manganites to Graphene Tese submetida à Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto.

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