Thesis about autocad

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Thesis about autocad

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Text scaled by AutoCAD according to the specified annotation scale. Text Style A saved collection of settings for text height, width, oblique angle slantand other text effects. Scalable Fonts Fonts that can be displayed or printed at any size while retaining proportional letter thickness.

Big Font A supplement that provides Asian and other large format fonts that have characters and symbols not present in other font files. Text Boundary An imaginary box that sets the location and width for multiline text. Text Editor The area of multiline or single-line text system Thesis about autocad you type text.

Tolerance Stack Text stacked vertically without a fraction bar. Non-Breaking Space A symbol you that you insert in place of a space to keep separate words together on one line.

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Background Mask A mask that hides a portion of objects behind and around text so that the text is unobstructed. Justify Align the margins or edges of text. Paragraph Alignment The alignment of multiline text inside the text boundary.


Line Spacing The vertical distance from the bottom of one line of text to the bottom of the next line. Dynamic Columns Columns calculated automatically by AutoCAD according to the amount of text and the specified height and width of the columns.

Static Columns Columns in which you divide the text in a specified number of columns.

Thesis about autocad

Gutter The space between columns of text. Dimension A description of the size, shape, or location of features on an object or structure.

Unidirectional Dimensioning A dimensioning system in which dimension values align with dimension lines. Size Dimensions Dimensions that provide the size of physical features.

Feature Any physical portion of a part or object, such as a surface, hole, window, or door. Location Dimensions Dimensions that locate features on an object without specifying the size of the feature. Rectangular Coordinate System A system for locating dimensions from surfaces, centerlines, or center planes using linear dimensions.

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AutoCAD Electrical Introduction program teaches the use of AutoCAD Electrical for creation of electrical control schematics, following the industry-standard “ladder-style” diagrams. Through the use of intelligent, electrical-oriented commands, students will learn to create schematic drawings, panel layouts, PLCs and a multitude of report types.

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It is easy to see that the use of Auto Cad has flourished in many facets of the building world. It has dominated the construction industry and is used by everyone involved in the building process from Architects to Framers. AutoFEM Analysis is the friendly and easy-in-use software for finite element analysis.

AutoFEM Analysis can be used by the broad community of engineers working in the field of mechanical and structural designing.

Electrical Engineering essays Electrical engineering is just what it sounds like, electrical engineers design, install, manufacture, and test new electrical products.

Electrical engineers work a lot with small components as well.

Thesis about autocad
Autocad 2d projects for beginners