The life of leslie claypool

Primus band Primus began as Primate in the mid s, with Claypool on bass, Todd Huth on guitar, and various drummers, most notably Jay Lanethough Huth and Lane left shortly thereafter to pursue other projects. Claypool is considered to be the leader of the band, as well as the driving force behind its blending of funk with other genres. Claypool frequently utilizes the slap-bass technique, prominent in funk music, and is the only member of Primus who comes from a funk background. I guess people just have to categorize you.

The life of leslie claypool

The side project band Sausage is a reunion of the original Primus members who recorded the Primus demo "Sausage" before Lane and Huth left, hence the side project name.

Auditioned for bassist position in Metallica in after their previous bassist, Cliff Burtonwas killed in a tour bus accident. Claypool didn't get the gig because his style was considered "too funky". High-school friend of Metallica 's Kirk Hammett.

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Lead singer, songwriter and bassist for Alternative Music group, Primus. Personal Quotes 48 In the early days all I hoped was to make a living out of what I did best. But, since there's no real market for masturbation I had to fall back on my bass playing abilities.

I'm a big believer in spontaneity. I like to open new doors and blaze new trails through the jungle and all that whatnot. What keeps me goin' all these years is changin' it up. I enjoy my John Deere tractor quite a lot.

It's a tool that I must use to keep Mother Nature at bay. I have all kinds of things encroaching on my property. Comedians get jokes offered to them, rock stars get women and underwear thrown onstage, and I get guys that want to take me fishing.

Because nobody wanted to play bass, I was instantly in a band. Daniel Day-Lewis is my favorite actor walking the planet right now. He never ceases to amaze me. I liked the name Frog Brigade because it lent itself to a lot of cool imagery with the whole frog thing.

More than anything, I think the best thing you can do as an artist is just stay as true to yourself as possible and hope that your fan base will appreciate that.

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I've always said the bass just happens to be the crayon I picked out of the box. I'd still be drawing the same pictures The sounds in my head are still the same. For the past couple of years I've been pretty bored with music in general The end of the Nineties was an unhappy Primus camp.

I hit a creative stagnation that wasn't helping us forward, and the personal elements, it just was time to stop. I never think about rhythm versus melody; I've always just played to what's in my head.

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As I've moved through life, I've found that I like things to be as casual and as spontaneous as possible when writing. It's always hard to put your finger on what it is that makes Primus Primus.

I've had fish come up on stage, and it's pretty disgusting. I try and discourage that. I discourage anything flying up on stage, actually. New Year's was insane! It was the best show I've ever played for New Year's.

The life of leslie claypool

You know, people would always ask me, 'How long is Primus going to go on? I pretty much built a band out of the most incredible guys I could possibly find. I didn't really want a six-piece band, but it just ended up being a six-piece band because these guys are all awesome.

You know, there are times when you play a song over and over and over and you get a little tired of it and you let it sit for a while. It's like, you may love eating sushi, but if you eat it every single day, you're going to get a little tired of it.June 12, was declared Les Claypool Day in Cincinnati, Ohio by mayor John Cranley.

The declaration was presented to Les during Primus' show that night at Riverbend Music Center by members of the Cininnati USA Music Heritage Foundation alongside Born: September 29, (age 54), Richmond, California, United States.

Early Life & Biography. Leslie Edward Claypool was born in Richmond, California on 29 September He spent his childhood n El Sobrante, California.

He was influenced to music by artists like John Paul Jones, The Residents, Tony Levin, Paul McCartney, Larry Graham, and Geezer Butler. Vaughan a biography of leslie claypool Revise a history of mikhail sergeyevich gorbachev Wise Level 5 An analysis of the image of vampires in literature Maths Year 6 Teacher.

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Whatcom County Library System. Family Life. He married Cheney Claypool; they have two children named Cage Oliver and Lena Tallulah. Associated With. His album Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel Born: Sep 29, Leslie, this is where you can tell everyone about the things you're proud of.

If you are not Leslie, share your positive experiences with them. Minimum of . Les Claypool About. Lead vocalist and bassist of the band Primus who has created many side projects, including Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade.

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