The difference between living and existing

Without passion, we are almost automatons, we get by, we exist, we know we are breathing and time passes day to day, but is that enough? This may be a little too new agey for some, but I recently went to a gong bath, which involves using sound waves from singing bowls and gongs to promote or induce various states. What it did for me was create a huge wave of the thing we call passion in so many ways.

The difference between living and existing

Pay it Forward Why did you write this book? I wrote this book because for twelve years I had settled and made so many excuses to not live the life I truly wanted to lead. After many struggles and victories and tears I realized a lot of truths that I thought could really help people who were and are in the same position I was in.

I wanted to show everyone that anyone can live the life of his or her dreams with the proper plan. The difference is realization, attitude and action. Then have the right attitude towards everything you do, viewing opportunities as a blessing and not another task on your to do list.

Action means not wasting your life away watching the latest prime time shows. It means getting out and creating amazing experiences. Describe the moment when you had enough and decided to go for your dreams.

The difference between living and existing

Three years ago things started getting bad at a business that I owned. However, you were responsible for all your expenses. It was three years ago when they really started putting pressure on the business owners to do things the way they wanted them done.

I got fired up for two weeks and told everyone I was leaving and changing my life. That excitement fizzled out. It was an entire year later when a very large company bought out the company.

The large company wanted to make the most for its shareholders, so they started making a lot of changes that were all about the bottom line. I knew it was only a matter of time before we bumped heads and I was forced out.

That was the moment I really started chasing my dreams. When you talk about getting fit, you start with the physical then quickly move to other areas such as emotional health. I talked about physical fitness because it can be the gateway to so many other areas.

The difference between living and existing

If you start getting fit, you start eating better, which means cutting back on junk food like fast food which will put some more money in your pocket. Getting physically fit will also teach you discipline that will help you in every other part of your life.

I know. Ive been gone quite some time. I can explain, really. It started a couple weeks ago. I woke up, started perking coffee, got the kids their sippy cups, and went to . Apr 20,  · The only difference originated from how different people define existing and living. Though RandomChampion makes a good point. I exist on the internet, as in my presences exists on the internet, but I certainly don't live the internet or live on the internet. What is the difference between living and existing? One is a sparkle in your eyes, And the warmth of tea on a rainy day. The other is a gray wasteland, Numbing like a shot of novacaine. One is laughter in the early morning, Or eating pancakes with the lover you've always dreamed of.

In your book, you recommend going for your dream. No matter how well we do research and plan, we will hit bumps in the road. Having a backup plan will help you say that with absolutely confidence. When you have achieved victory you have to be aware of your surroundings and how the old habits are hiding around the corner.

Are You Living or Existing?

If you fixed your finances, be aware of frivolous spending. All of this personal change had to impact your family and friends. What did they think about your success journey? Now they are very proud. During the journey they thought I was a crazy man.

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Growing up my grandfather would always send my brother and me books for our birthdays. It taught us to love books.

When I got my first copies of the published book, I took him one and when he held it, he cried. That was my dream realized.

My wife and children have also been my biggest fans. We allowed people to enter by liking the post, tweeting it, leaving a comment or signing up for email.Existing is living without purpose.


Living is existing purposefully, with a constant urge to improve. To live life to the fullest you don’t necessarily have . But before I begin with it, I would first like to clear out the difference between living and existing Living vs. Existing – Know what is the Difference I think the biggest difference between existing and living comes from the level of control you have over decisions of your life.

A major difference between a will and a living will is the time they take effect. A will has no legal impact until after you're dead, at which time it must be filed with a probate court.

A living will, on the other hand, takes effect while you are still alive. Living and existing are, at times, used in the same context, but are really very different. Living is breathing, doing, feeling, seeing, tasting, growing, and being, whereas existing is just being. A piece of paper exists, because it IS.

The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing. The difference between the two is living intentionally and living by accident.”-Â Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited, page Ready to start designing a life with intention? Here’s a great place to start.

Living is basically something that contains life which means Action. Existence refers to the being of an object in a certain place. For Example: Usain Bolt is living because he's doing some physical work where as the PC through which I .

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