Regulatory agency paper 430

Most agencies supplement the FAR provision, to a greater or lesser degree, through their own regulations, and the regulations of the agency at issue should be reviewed before commencing an agency-level bid protest before that agency. This is the same standard applied by the GAO. As regards the various issues that arise under this definition, see the discussion below dealing with GAO bid protests.

Regulatory agency paper 430

Plans so adopted shall be made statewide in application in so far as reasonably feasible, possible or permissible, and shall be so devised as to meet the approval of the federal government or any of its agencies, not inconsistent with the laws of the state.

All funds applied for and received by the Department of Human Services and allotted to the state by the Surgeon General, the Treasury Departmentor other agency of the United States for the construction and operation of community facilities in carrying out the state plan for the promotion of mental health and retardation services, shall be deposited with the State Treasurer and shall be credited to a special account in the State Treasury, separate from the General Fund, to be used as a depository for such federal funds.

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Such funds hereby are continuously appropriated and shall be expended solely for the purpose of construction and operation of community facilities and in accordance with the plan upon which the allotment to the state was based. The Department of Human Services may prescribe fee schedules for any of the programs that it establishes and operates under ORS The fees shall be charged and collected by the department in the same manner as charges are collected under ORS When the department acts under this section, "person in a state institution" or "person at a state institution" or any similar phrase, as defined in ORS The revolving fund shall be deposited with the State Treasurer to be held in a special account against which the Department of Human Services may Regulatory agency paper 430 checks.

Regulatory agency paper 430

The Department of Human Services may establish petty cash funds within the revolving fund by drawing checks upon the revolving fund payable to the custodians of the petty cash funds. When such claims have been approved by the Department of Human Services and the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, a payment covering them shall be drawn in favor of the Department of Human Services and charged against the appropriate fund or account, and shall be used to reimburse the revolving fund.

The record shall indicate by separate cumulative accounts the source from which the moneys are derived. Such funds so transferred shall be retransferred from the Mental Health and Developmental Disability Services Account by the department to the appropriation from which the original transfer was made.

The retransfers shall be accomplished prior to the last day of each biennial period. Such amounts appropriated, collected or received by the Department of Human Services for the purpose of institution operations shall be available for deposit in the Mental Health and Developmental Disability Services Institution Account.

The department shall deposit such funds in trust accounts established under ORS Interest earned by a trust account shall be credited to the account. When such purposes include the care or maintenance of a client, the department may reimburse itself for care and services provided to the client.

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Any system of accounts used for purposes of this subsection shall provide detailed accountability for each receipt and disbursement of funds for each client.

The department shall remain accountable for the proper handling of the trust accounts authorized by this section. See Preface to Oregon Revised Statutes for further explanation. As used in this section and ORS L Visit with family members, friends, advocates and legal and medical professionals.

The Department of Human Services shall be responsible for: Services to children with developmental disabilities may include, but are not limited to, case management, family support, crisis and diversion servicesintensive in-home servicesand residential and foster care services ; and 2 Psychiatric residential and day treatment services for children with mental or emotional disturbances.

Section 2, chapterOregon Lawsprovides: Plan for providing mental health treatment and services to children and adults; contents; presentation to Legislative Assembly.

The plan shall be based on needs identified in biennial plans submitted by community mental health and developmental disabilities programs under ORS The text of section 2, chapterOregon Lawswas not amended by enactment of the Legislative Assembly to reflect the deletion.

Editorial adjustment of section 2, chapterOregon Lawsfor the deletion of The Department of Human Services in developing treatment programs for drug-dependent persons shall develop programs that assist drug-dependent persons to become persons who are able to live healthy and productive lives without the use of any natural or synthetic opiates.

A Incorporates priorities and recommendations contained in the alcohol and drug abuse related components of each local coordinated comprehensive plan; B Describes the need for services and the process by which state resources shall be prioritized in order to meet the demand for services for children and families; C Sets forth principles to guide the state in purchasing alcohol and other drug abuse prevention materials and treatment services ; and D Recommends goals, specific priorities and programs for review by the Governor and the Legislative Assembly; and b Monitoring those programs and financial efforts of the state which prevent, intervene in and treat alcohol and other drug problems for compliance with the approved statewide alcohol and drug abuse plan.

The council shall consist of not more than 11 members who are appointed by the Governor for terms of four years. Members are eligible for one reappointment.

Members must be without conflicting interests and as representative as possible of: A Geographic regions of the state; B At-risk populations, including among others, youth, the elderly, minorities and women; C Knowledgeable professionals, such as pharmacists, physicians, attorneys and the like who are not necessarily representatives of professional organizations, but who may be recovering; D Knowledgeable nonprofessionals who may represent advocate groups and who may be recovering; and E Local advisory groups.

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A One member appointed by the President of the Senate, who shall be a member of the Senate and who shall be a nonvoting, advisory member; and B One member appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who shall be a member of the House of Representatives and who shall be a nonvoting, advisory member.

See note under Local commissions on children and families shall incorporate alcohol and other drug prevention and treatment plans developed pursuant to this section into the local coordinated comprehensive plan created under ORS The criteria and policies prepared for the statewide plan of services shall: All state agencies providing alcohol and other drug prevention and treatment services and strategies, or purchasing prevention and treatment services and strategies from local community providers approved or licensed by the Department of Human Servicesshall coordinate with the office to report expenditures and client data for the purposes of service capacity utilization and monitoring resources and outcomes coordination in the statewide plan of services and strategies for alcohol and other drug prevention and treatment for children and families prepared under ORS CJS CJS Week 5 Cultural Competence Paper justice field The elements that should be included in a cultural competence assessment of a criminal justice agency How a criminal justice agency might implement a cultural competence assessment The advantages of intercultural communication skills in criminal justice A summary of one .

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is celebrated annually on September Learn about the importance of this combined event with publications from the . Resource: Regulatory Agencies Paper Grading Criteria located on your student website Research regulatory agencies that relate to long-term care..

Write a to 1,word paper addressing the functions of three different regulatory agencies with regard to long-term care.. Provide the following in your paper: ยท An overview of the agency and its functions.

Regulatory agency paper 430

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An updated compilation of technical. Regulatory Agency Paper HCS March 4, Patrick Nicovich Regulatory Agency Paper Health care organizations are mandated to meet certain health care.

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