Face is the index of the

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Face is the index of the

Srimad-Bhagavatam SB Canto 1 From the very faces of the people of this age, one can find out the index of the mind. The people of the world in this age of Kali are always full of anxieties. Everyone is diseased with some kind of ailment.

From the very faces of the people of this age, one can find out the index of the mind. Everyone feels the absence of his relative who is away from home.

Face is the index of the

The particular symptom of the age of Kali is that no family is now blessed to live together. To earn a livelihood, the father lives at a place far away from the son, or the wife lives far away from the husband and so on. There are sufferings from internal diseases, separation from those near and dear, and anxieties for maintaining the status quo.

These are but some important factors which make the people of this age always unhappy. SB Canto 4 As it is said, "The face is the index of the mind. His arms were full and broad and his eyes as bright as the rising sun.

His nose was straight, his face very beautiful and his personality grave. His teeth were set beautifully in his smiling face. As it is said, "The face is the index of the Face is the index of the.

This is proof of the transmigration of the soul through different types of bodies. There is an English proverb that says, "The face is the index of the mind. Similarly, other mental states are reflected by the actions of the gross body.

In other words, the activities of the gross body are reactions of the mental condition. One can understand the mental or conscious position of a living entity by the activities of two kinds of senses—the knowledge—acquiring senses and the executive senses. Similarly, by the mental condition or consciousness of a person, one can understand his position in the previous life.

The willing portion of the mind is manifest by the activities of the body. The conclusion is that by the activities of the body and senses, we can understand the condition of the mind.

The condition of the mind is affected by past activities in the past body. When the mind is joined with a particular sense, it immediately becomes manifest in a certain way. For instance, when there is anger in the mind, the tongue vibrates so many maledictions.

When it is expressed through the leg, there is kicking. There are so many ways in which the subtle activities of the mind are expressed through the various senses. Thus King Citraketu, desiring a son, bent low in great humility and spoke to the great sage as follows.

As the popular saying goes, "The face is the index of the mind. At the time of death, our state of consciousness determines our next birth. Death destroys the body made up of the five gross elements, but the subtle body, consisting of mind, intelligence, and false ego, remains.

When a breeze blows over a garden, it carries the fragrance of flowers with it, but when it blows over a rubbish heap, the breeze is filled with the stench. Similarly, the activities a person performs during his lifetime continuously influence his mentality, and at the time of death the cumulative effect of these activities determines his state of consciousness.

Because the face is the index of mind. You have got different types of mind; therefore you have got different types of body, not every one. Lecture on SB 1.

Face is the index of the

So now our consciousness is immortal consciousness or mortal consciousness, that is to be seen. I am absorbed in thought of this mortal consciousness, "This is my country, this is my body, this is my family, this is my community, this is my nation So long you have got temporary consciousness, then Just like our mind changes.

I accept something now; I reject something again. So this body is being manufactured according to the acceptance and rejection of my mind. The body is formed. Otherwise why we have different body? We are sitting here, so many boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen.To make a face "change the appearance of the face in disgust, mockery, etc." is from s.

Two faces under one hood as a figure of duplicity is attested from midc. Two fases in a hode is neuer to tryst. Defn- An index fund a collective investment scheme that aims to replicate the movements of an index of a specific financial market, or a set of rules of ownership that are held constant, regardless of market condition.

An index fund is a mutual fund which merely invests in the securities in the index. The center of your face, on the other hand, is lighter — the high points of your cheekbones being the part of your face with the least amount of discoloration and truest to your skin tone. Face Is the Index of the Mind.

Have you ever notice when you are happy and satisfy everyone can get it only by looking at your face similarly if you are angry, sad, scar it can be readily observed by anyone. its just a basic observation and general view.

And just indicate that face is index of expressions but not the index of mind in writing and reading there is a minor difference but for.

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