Essay potna i wanna believe you lyrics

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Essay potna i wanna believe you lyrics

Share via Email Do they really want to be Ashley and Cheryl? Perou If you were watching TV sometime in the mids, you might remember a little girl who won a competition. You'll remember it if you saw it, and if you were a child and had eyes you'll have seen it, because there was nothing else to watch on Saturday mornings, except TV-AM and racing from Doncaster.

The reason it made such an impression was that she seemed at the time anomalous, an apparently normal eight-year-old with a bizarre desire — to sing on television. There were abnormal eight-year-olds like Bonnie Langfordwho looked as if they ran on batteries and talked about "the business" and did the splits while being interviewed by adult talkshow hosts.

There were child movie stars like Michael J Fox. But Claire Usher was none of these. After winning the contest, her song was released and she appeared on Top Of The Pops, where they put her in a school scarf and what looked like her mother's high heels, just in case you missed the point: It's taken for granted these days that children aren't what they were.

They're fatter, taller, louder. They are, thanks to the creation of the tween advertising market, more sharply aware of self-image. They always had one; it just wasn't shaped by focus groups at Topshop. Above all, they are subject to the corrupting influence of celebrity culture.

Last year, a survey found that the top three career aspirations for five- to year-olds in Britain were sports star, pop star and actor, compared with teacher, banker and doctor 25 years ago.

At Stagecoachthe performing arts school franchise, student numbers leapt from 12, in to 36, today. It's partly just fashion: Sometime in the last decade, the relationship between cause and effect collapsed and put everyone above a certain level of fame on a more or less equal footing.

Once behind the velvet rope, talent show winner Leona Lewisfootballer Theo Walcott and reality star Kerry Katona were as likely to be lumped together and invited to Downing Street as Ann Widdecombe was to appear on Celebrity Fit Club.

Fame qualifies you for everything, like being a toff once did, I suppose, except no one wanted them on the side of their lunchbox. The assumption is that this celebrity culture degrades us and sets a bad example to the younger generation, who develop something called "unrealistic expectations".

The way people talk about it, you'd think Jade Goody and the Cheeky Girls were responsible for a barrister shortage in this country, for legions of twentysomethings who, if they'd applied themselves at school instead of daydreaming about fame, could have grown up to be teachers, or civil servants, or the sorts of actors who went to Rada and never wanted to be famous, just wanted to act.

People motivated by excellence, not money. At least Simon Cowell has the decency to be obnoxious about it all. The way he wears his cashmere sweater, drives his Rolls-Royce, recoils in the face of people with no talent, all of it acknowledges that, on the whole, it is better to be rich and famous than to dig a ditch or work at Asda or even — have you ever tried reading a tort textbook?

Much of the fame-for-fame's-sake debate carries on as if fame, earned or otherwise, doesn't deliver concrete advantages: Rae Bland is 15 and waiting on a callback from Britain's Got Talent.

She goes to a comprehensive in north London, has a nice singing voice and went to the audition with friends who accompanied her for moral support.

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On the other hand, an adult telling a teenager, "You'll earn a lot of money either way" — as a singer or a surgeon — looks from certain angles like everything that's wrong with the way things are now. It was five years ago, when programmes like The X Factor and Big Brother were at their zenith, that David Sprigg, co-founder of Stagecoach, saw the biggest spike in student numbers.

There was another surge around Billy Elliotwith boys wanting to be dancers. His schools try to correct the message put out by TV talent shows about instant fame, "because We tell them it's a crowded and unreliable profession.

Essay potna i wanna believe you lyrics

In most cases, says Fleur Manuel, Sprigg's colleague, those children who are marched to auditions have parents who want it more than they do. Rae doesn't have the sort of narrative that flies on talent shows.

Ideally she should have no other aspirations than to be a star. But she is a sensible girl with a sensible mum; she auditioned because it was there. If it didn't exist, she would not, she says, have gone to any lengths to pursue a singing career and if she doesn't go through to the next round she won't be devastated.

With exquisite teenage sarcasm she says, "It's not like a lifelong dream or anything" although, as everyone knows, the first law of superstition is you are more likely to get something if you claim not to want it. Which brings us to Susan Boylethe latest Cinderella and defender of the Dream.

It was interesting to watch Ant and Dec, who aren't used to getting a tough press, squirm at the Edinburgh TV festival last year when they were asked to justify the treatment of Boyle and also that weeping year-old on Britain's Got Talent.

You can't tell by looking at somebody.What is love? What is not love? Many believe love is a sensation that magically generates when Mr.

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