Blue ocean strategy versus porter s generic strategies

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Blue ocean strategy versus porter s generic strategies

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Blue ocean strategy versus porter s generic strategies

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Also, an obviously unpleasant or openly carping remark. Barbary Coast Wars When we transpose Blue Ocean Strategy to the world of digital products, we must admit that there are bigger opportunities in unknown market spaces.

A perfect example of a company that took advantage of a blue-ocean market is Airbnb. Porter’s 5 (Competitive) Forces Model Porter’s Strategic Positioning (Generic Strategies) Value Chain Analysis Threat of New Entrants Bargaining Power of Suppliers Competitive Rivalry Blue Ocean Strategy Four Actions Framework: The Value Curve PESTEL Framework.

! 2! 1. Introduction Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School developed the Five Forces model in the late s. The Five Forces model is a simple but influential tool for the identification where power.

positioning strategies (including Porter's Generic Strategies, Value Chain, and Blue Ocean Strategy) corporate strategy and diversification (including portfolio matrices and Rumelt's diversification types). Summary. Porter is considered by many as the most influential strategist in the field of business-strategy.

His three generic strategies introduced in has become a dominant paradigm in business policy literature and has had a deep and pervasive influence on the way of thinking in strategy . toward determining if the strategy is producing results, versus controlling performance. of are three generic competitive strategies for coping with the five competitive forces: (1.

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