An unforgettable person

Here on acres of pristine boreal forest, outside and inside blend together in transparent swirls of light and dark within the Alaska wilderness. View the aurora borealis from a modern geodesic dome, explore the rugged landscape, and understand the allure of the far north. I was moved into tears. It's wonderful to come to Alaska.

An unforgettable person

I shall definitely listen to the song on YT when I am back home in the evening today. Can you please give me the email address of Sudhir Ji for writing to him in appreciation of his prompt response.

The email of Mr. Kaushik Maitra Record Collector and Researcher may kindly be sent if possible. Therefore, you need not give me his email address as I alrady have it.

Thanks and best regards, Mohan Lal 38 Hans August 19, at 7: Story has been told on behalf of Ameen Sayani. This Ameen Sayani alongwith Raju Bharatan, have been perpetrators of thousands of imaginary stories born out of their fantasies and designed to satisfy their hungry egoes.

The film is a story of eternal love janam janamantar ka pyar between Saranga born as daughter of nagar seth in this birth and Sadavriksh born as Prince. They think the other one is singing the verse, though he is not. There are plenty of such verses composed in the base tune in which the mukhda sung by Rafi is.

They are in the voices of Rafi, Geeta and Hemant and at one place is in the voice of Lata and are in the form of two-liners or four-liners. The verses sung by Rafi are so beautiful and produce such an impact that the film would lose half its charm if they are removed, because the story in itself has nothing special in it.

The clip sung by Rafi is in fact as everyone can see in the clip itself a four line verse written on a piece of paper which is hidden in a lotus flower and sent by Sadavriksh to Saranga to call her to their meeting place, which is described in the verse itself.

This verse is in a very different tune than the song of Mukesh, this tune being happy and hopeful and the Mukesh song is a sad one sung when Saranga is taken for marriage with someone else. Raju Bharatan is on a different plane.

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Nothing happened in Bombay film and music world — no recording, no romance, no break-up, no patch-up — without him being present at the scene. In many cases he was an active participant, giving advice, resolving conflicts etc.

Now it is up to the readers to believe him or not. My issue with him is different. I wish he could write plain English. Between the beginning and end of his sentences we have to spend half the time in deciphering what he wants to say. He goes on and on in even more intimate style than Raju Bharatan as if he was present at the scene — which took place before he was born.

He finds no need for giving its source. So let us enjoy all these anecdotes without getting worked up. This Indian habit of enjoying anecdotes without thinking about even verifying their veracity has led to spreading of so many false stories, which eventually encourages such people.

In my view, Ameen Sayani is the bigger culprit because he does not put his statements to print and can go scot free by denying all that has been said by him.

His mentioning source does not mean anything if he is just giving false stories, in my view without even talking to the source he mentions.

His source may not even come to know of his statement and Sayani has done the damage to the legend. Raju Bharatan is on print and that is the reason many people know about his lies, though many of his lies are circulating like eternal truths.

One such lie is the Aradhana story. Anu Kapoor is perhaps a follower of the theory of enjoying anecdotes and mindlessly goes on propagating them, though he may not be called the perpetrator of lies like Sayani or Bharatan.

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I had a respect for Anu Kapoor after watching his interview some years back and thought him abut after watching 3 or 4 of his episodes all that respect vanished and I stopped watching his program. Mankad August 25, at 5: Still it is a fact that as history, much of what is written about Hindi films is of doubtful veracity.

All of them may not be fabricated, still the fact remains that you can not verify them. Burman since a long time- when RDB was a child. No idea, whether these films were completely scored by RDB.

An unforgettable person

I even had a discussion with him in Facebook- all his programmes are full of errors.Our India tours are all about spotting Bengal tigers in Bandhavgarh NP, hanging with nomads in Jaisalmer, meeting the holy men of Pushkar or camping under the stars in Bijaipur.

This isn’t the India you see on postcards. This is India as it is. Raw, bizarre and totally addictive. Book your tour today. John Barleycorn sends his White Logic, the argent messenger of truth beyond truth, the antithesis of life, cruel and bleak as interstellar space, pulseless and frozen as absolute zero, dazzling with the frost of irrefragable logic and unforgettable fact.

The unforgettable person always there in everyone's memory of life. The unforgettable person is the one who was appeared in our life, and now she disappeared in front of our eyes.

Everyone has their own unforgettable person. Like everyone, I have my own unforgettable person too.


She is my unforgettable person because I love her so much. Unforgettable Anniversary Party Ideas and Advice. Anniversary party ideas are helpful whether you’re looking to plan a party for yourself or for a loved one. An Unforgettable Person Essays: Over , An Unforgettable Person Essays, An Unforgettable Person Term Papers, An Unforgettable Person Research Paper, Book Reports.

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