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History[ edit ] AirAsia was established in and began operations on 18 November The routes were returned to MASwings a year later, citing commercial reasons.

About airasia

First-time flyers, of which there are a lot on AirAsia India, will be introduced and instructed on things such as when to arrive at the airport, how to clear security and when to stand up on an airplane. This how-to video, is hoped to eased the experience of new passengers on AirAsia flights.

Air fares have fallen rapidly in India in the recent years, and with such fall, more of the country's population have been able to afford air travel, putting pressure on airlines such as AirAisa About airasia to keep up with demands for flight bookings.

Although train travel was once the bread and butter of India's transportation industry, people are increasingly opting for flights with domestic carriers.

Another reason the video idea is so popular is that many customers are unaccustomed to the waste dispoal systems in airplanes. Aircraft toilet fascilities have traditionally been built i western style, which many people find alien. As people are used to rail travel, they also think they can carry whatever they want, which is another aspect of confustion that the video hopes to address.

No sharp objects and live animals in the air! That's train travel territory. Last year it purchased five new aircraft Currently, Thai AirAsia benefits from the ever-increasing numbers of Chinese passengers flying to Thailand.

About airasia

However, as part of a revenue growth strategy, the airline needs to diversify and this year will increase its flights to India and to the ASEAN region. Asia's biggest low-cost airline, which has nine units in the region, is beefing up its fleet in the Philippines amid an expected long-term boom in budget air travel.

AirAsia first raised the prospect of listing its Philippines unit inplanning at that point to take the airline public as early as Its fleet will reach 70 aircraft in the next years from the current 17, Mr Comendador said.

AirAsia is one of the largest customers of the Airbus Afamily of jets. The local market is dominated by Cebu Pacificfollowed by flag carrier Philippine Airlines, both owned by local tycoons.About AirAsia. AIRASIA is one of the largest low-cost airlines in the world. AAP December 29, am.

AIRASIA IN NUMBERS * AirAsia is one of the largest low-cost airlines in the world. AirAsia Berhad (MYX: ) is a Malaysian low-cost airline headquartered near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is the largest airline in Malaysia by fleet size and destinations.

Contact AirAsia Malaysia: Phone, Address of Malaysia Ticketing Offices | Customer Care Contacts

AirAsia Group operates scheduled domestic and international flights to more than destinations spanning 25 countries. Contact AirAsia – Indonesia: Find below customer care details of AirAsia ticketing offices in leslutinsduphoenix.com can reach the below contact for new tickets, cheap airfares, cancellations, airline deals and other queries on AirAsia services.

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About airasia

Click here to pin menu. Aug 23,  · Your favourite destinations are now at your fingertips! The AirAsia Mobile App makes it easier for you to book flights and check-in while on-the-go! View our lowest fares, manage your booking and pre-book meals, seats, baggage and travel insurance.

You will receive a mobile barcode when you check-in via the app. Just scan the /5(K).

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