A discussion of the advantages and preferences of e commerce

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A discussion of the advantages and preferences of e commerce

A discussion of the advantages and preferences of e commerce

An organization can easily locate more customers, best suppliers, and suitable business partners across the globe. E-commerce helps organizations to reduce the cost to create process, distribute, retrieve and manage the paper based information by digitizing the information.

E-commerce improves the brand image of the company. E-commerce helps organization to provide better customer services. E-commerce helps to simplify the business processes and makes them faster and efficient.

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E-commerce reduces the paper work. E-commerce increases the productivity of organizations. It supports "pull" type supply management. In "pull" type supply management, a business process starts when a request comes from a customer and it uses just-in-time manufacturing way.

Advantages to Customers It provides 24x7 support. Customers can enquire about a product or service and place orders anytime, anywhere from any location. E-commerce application provides users with more options and quicker delivery of products.

E-commerce application provides users with more options to compare and select the cheaper and better options. A customer can put review comments about a product and can see what others are buying, or see the review comments of other customers before making a final purchase.

E-commerce provides options of virtual auctions. It provides readily available information. A customer can see the relevant detailed information within seconds, rather than waiting for days or weeks. E-Commerce increases the competition among organizations and as a result, organizations provides substantial discounts to customers.

Advantages to Society Customers need not travel to shop a product, thus less traffic on road and low air pollution. E-commerce helps in reducing the cost of products, so less affluent people can also afford the products.

E-commerce has enabled rural areas to access services and products, which are otherwise not available to them. E-commerce helps the government to deliver public services such as healthcare, education, social services at a reduced cost and in an improved manner.Operational benefits of e commerce include reducing both the time and personnel required to complete business processes, and reducing strain on other resources.

It’s because of all these advantages that one can harness the power of ecommerce and convert a business to ebusiness by using powerful turnkey ecommerce solutions made available by ebusiness solution providers. E-COMMERCE >> Electronic trade like never before!!!

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A discussion of the advantages and preferences of e commerce

Negative demand A major part of the market dislikes the product and may even pay a price to avoid it—vaccinations, dental work, vasectomies, and gallbladder operations, for instance. With internationalization of commerce and business and with increased use of e-business and e-commerce, it is important to ensure that these systems can be effectively utilized across cultural.

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Advantages to Customers

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Discussion on Advantages and Disadvantages of E-commerce